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Reel Time Designs LLC is an eclectic blend of
die-hard fishermen and women....

Growing out of our combined fishing experience of more than 50 years, innovative ideas and solutions, present and past businesses, and the desire to share those ideals with other anglers; The Limited Liability Company Reel Time Designs became a reality in 2005.

    Diane Johnson and Harold Van Beke joined efforts and talents into a small but energetic company, successfully merging highly creative, new ideas with
old-fashioned business ethics to bring our
unique products to the attention of all anglers.

It has also generated great interest in the fishing
industry as well, as evidenced by Product Reviews
in print and on TV, and our testimonials received
by anglers on all levels.

  We are anglers, just like you, who seek a
high-performance product without the high price tag attached.  We found out that it IS possible to do that.
Each of us use all of our products regularly, for our
own tournament and casual fishing,
so as field testers we know every nuance in
performance of any product we sell.

   We stand behind every product and service we offer, and will make every effort to satisfy your fishing needs, as seen in the Limited Lifetime Warranty our
HarmoniX Rods carry.

   You will not find a similar rod on the market,
as we designed them ourselves, and each carries
our patented Drop-Shot Weight Keeper System HookKeeper.
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